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2cm founded

2CM was founded in July 1997 as a design and engineering firm, set up by the 3 founding members, Aldo Capitani, Roberto Carminati and Romualdo Mister. From the beginning, the work focused mainly on the railway sector and with the experience gained over time, has been directed towards signalling and safety systems.

2CM relies on the expertise of its young and dynamic staff who work together to achieve the targets set. These are qualified professionals including engineers, technicians and designers, selected for their operational expertise and specialisation, with the ability to form a work team capable of tackling every design situation.

Furthermore, we are part of an extensive network of associates and consultants with proven professionalism, with specialised expertise at the highest level.


With over 15 years of operations, 2CM has gained vast experience and accumulated specific skills such as:

  • Operations on long-established lines
  • Designs for new signalling and safety systems
  • Executive and constructive designs
  • Economic reports
  • Functional/application designs on SCMT systems
  • Final accounting on work completion

2CM guarantees the high efficiency of its work thanks to the certified management system

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Certified Management System

ISO 9001:2015


Quality Policy

The QUALITY POLICY requires that, consistent with the corporate mission, the management of all business processes be set with the rules proper to the application of the Quality Management System, according to ISO 9001:2015.

This system regulates organizational and technical activities applied to the entire business system in a systematic, planned, documented manner aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • the continuous improvement of process management methods for the achievement of ever-improving results, both qualitative and quantitative;
  • the achievement of a high level of effectiveness and efficiency about the activities performed, with a view to a good quality/price ratio and in full compliance with the commitments entered into with Clients and the binding legal provisions.

The achievement of the objectives set, through the Quality Policy, will also be possible through the scrupulous and punctual application of the contents of the Quality Manual, which defines and describes the Quality Management System put in place by our company. The Top Management of the Organization is committed to pursuing the full implementation and continuous evolution of the Quality Management System in order to consolidate and improve the company's image, including through the commitment and professionalism of all company personnel. For 2CM SNC, Quality represents the goal and tool for:

  • the internal and external Customer's satisfaction
  • the excellence of the results
  • the correct analysis of the context in which the company operates
  • the correct evaluation of risks and opportunities
  • the respect, protection and promotion of Safety, Environment and Privacy
  • the minimization of waste in time, costs and other resources.

2CM SNC aims to pursue these objectives through:

  • organization, aimed at preventing non-conformities
  • service, seen as quick and professional response to the Customer's requests and with balance between Quality and efficiency
  • innovation, by pursuing research and development of processes and technologies to provide to its customers
  • commitment to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the company's Quality Management System

Management wished to define a Code of Conduct as a fundamental tool for the pursuit of the objectives set in congruity with this Quality Policy. This code, developed in the following points, is followed by the staff, all employees and collaborators of 2CM SNC to whom it is disseminated along with this Policy.

  1. Give Customers clear and truthful technical and commercial information to enable, through knowledge, wise and convenient choices.
  2. Building a relationship with the Customer by affirming the principle of productive Company-Company collaboration.
  3. Dealing with problems, identifying their concordant points and fairly mediating the divergent ones. Working to consolidate by seeking a response to mutual needs with the goal of always building and never destroying.
  4. Maintain with Suppliers an attitude marked by utmost fairness, avoiding personal relationships that produce favoritism or discrimination, bearing in mind that there can be no operational spaces outside the business relationship.
  5. To carry out one's work with attachment and passion, collaborating with all colleagues constructively, intervening, supporting and correcting those who are making mistakes in their work or dissipating company assets.

The achievement of the goals set, through the Company Policy, will also be possible through the meticulous and punctual application of the contents of the Integrated Management System Manual, which defines and describes the management system put in place by our company.

The Policy is disseminated to all employees of 2CM SNC and made available to the remaining Interested Parties in the specific section of its website.

Why choose 2CM as an Engineering partner?

  • Efficiency, flexibility and confidence in achieving the objectives
  • Expertise and specialisation of the highest quality
  • Qualified and dynamic staff
  • Flexibility in implementing each project
  • The ability to work closely with you at all stages of the design
  • We follow all phases of the project: from the feasibility study to on-site execution
  • Fine tuning the design and execution including the internal and external resources
2cm engeeniring partner