Some of most important projects developed by usFurther projects

  • Further projects

  • • Final and construction design of ACC systems at Lingotto, San Quirico, Bivio Fegino, Borzoli e Nodo di Rivarolo
  • • Construction design of BA electromagnetic interface to ACS for PJ2 systems at Stura and Bianzè; and ACS at Genova node
  • • Design of running lines coding at Bussoleno station, Modane-Collegno line
  • • Design of running lines coding at San Paolo station, Collegno-Orbassano line
  • • Design of running lines coding at Torino Nord Shunting station
  • • Functional and application design on SCMT systems, compartments of Verona, Torino, Reggio Calabria and Milano
  • • Checking the Design of SCMT Interfaces in Torino, Verona, Milano, Genova, Firenze, Roma, Napoli e Reggio Calabria compartments
  • • Design BACC interconnections Salone and Caserta
  • • Scheme plan, cables plan and Isolation plan at Afragola station
  • • Design and report calculation for concrete structures, which stands for BACC sentry boxes, encoder line cabinets and various
  • • 1:1000 drawings relating to the laying of telephone cable main lines of Pavia-Casalpusterlengo and Eccellente-Reggio Calabria
  • • Laying tunnels plans, sections, economic surveys and metric computations for Ferrara-Suzzara line
  • • final accounts for lines Paola-Reggio Calabria, Codogno-Cremona, Castelvetro-Piacenza, Pistoia-Lucca-Aulla, Verona-Brennero, Trento-Malè, and for Milano Rogoredo and Roma Termini stations
  • • Changes in R/G of processed system at Fortress station, for Genova-Ventimiglia line and many other systems, including system plans scan in relay room and all the necessary work to drop updated plans in digital formats.